Repair Fire DamageHonest Question: How Much Does It Cost to Repair Fire Damage?

Fire is very difficult experience for your life. There is always a space for happy days after the black trail. Your flat must be cleaned from smoke, black soot and other fire damages very fast. It is very difficult to do it on your own ads far as it is very difficult to repair fire damage without special equipment and chemicals. You know, black smoke is what you can feel even after reparation. What is more, it takes you long time, from several weeks to several months, to clean everything around. Thus, how much does it cost to repair fire damage?

The answer usually comes from the cleaners’ manager that can examine the room and make the list of services. Pay attention: manager’s visit is usually free.

List of Services

  • Burnt materials break-up;
  • Damaged doors and windows demounting;
  • Smoke and soot cleanup (cleaning, washing, polishing);
  • Garbage removal;
  • Kitchen equipment restoration;
  • Furniture restoration, dry carpet cleaning;
  • Cleaning and washing soft surfaces that were damaged;
  • Ozonation helps to remove smoke and clean air. This is the final stage of house restoration that you have to pay for.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair Fire Damage?

The price for restoration depends on the fire strength and damaged area. As far as cleaners come to your house they can start working. If your house was insured, you cannot touch anything and start cleaning before the fire inspectors come to make photos and fill the order. This is your chance to get money and pay for fire restoration.

As it was said before, the price for cleaning depends on how big the suffered are is. If the fire was not big, all that you have to repair is room interior and kitchen equipment. Such kitchen equipment as furniture, technic are also must be cleaned. Even small fire brings big damage. So, the price can be different, starting with 2000-4000 dollars and thousands of dollars for serious restoration measures, cleaning equipment, professional chemicals and additional measures. The bigger the damaged area is, the more money you have to pay for restoration.

Additional Services that You are Offered to Take

Window Units Installation

If the fire was big, you probably have to renew windows. The team of cleaners can help you to install new and high quality window units all over the flat or just in the room that was damaged.

Sorting and Cleaning Things

As a rule, after fore cleaning, which includes cleaning all things that are still in a good condition. If you want, the team of cleaners can help you to throw out all damaged interior and make the list of it. The list is very helpful for getting insurance in future.


If you have a lot of things of your interior that are ok, you can store them in the special place until you can take your house into order. The storage rooms are always clean and dry. You things are always in good condition there.

Special Cleaning Rules

Cleaning windows

It is important to remember that you have to clean the windows just in case when you should not replace them. If you want you can ask for deep windows cleaning from the inside and outside.

Polishing metal constructions

Cleaning of all metal construction is one of the important points that must be done by cleaners. If you need, they can be polished carefully.

Floor polishing

Floor cleaning is very important point of the cleaning list. It is usually cleaned with the help of special reagents that are effective to remove smoke. If you need, your floor upper layer can be renewed and polished.

Cleaning walls

If you ceiling was also damaged, you may have difficulties to clean it correctly. It must be cleaned and prepared for further reparation in the shortest terms.

Dry clothes cleaning

Of course, your insurance company will offer you to try to clean your clothes with your own efforts. Be careful, they want to save money from you. If you have damaged clothes, you have to throw it out. And the rest of your clothes need delicate cleaning. As a rule, cleaning companies offer to clean your clothes, pillows, blankets, toys and other things. One way or another, you will have your clothes back in a good condition, clean and fresh.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair Fire DamageToys, pillows and shoes cleaning

This point comes out from the previous one. As far as cleaning companies have a list of modern cleaning machines, they can help you to clean your things of different categories in the best way. Soot, smoke is not the problem anymore.

After-fire reparation measures

So, your fire is clean now. What is next? You have to repair your house before live in. Professional cleaners have a unique proposal to repair your home fast and high quality. Of course, it costs additional money. Nevertheless, it must be faster and cheaper than you will do reparations on your own by hiring people and buying materials. Ready-made reparation is very popular service now.

Insurance Against Fire

Do you need insurance help? The most of cleaning companies has a list of special services – insurance companies they work close with. Their relations and cooperation conditions are good and tight. These companies will not try to make fail for you but do their job in proper way. If you need insurance help, you may choose one company from the list to contact to. If you need advice, cleaners can advise you the company that is the best for you concrete case.

Anyway, if you need to repair fire damage, do not make panic as you are not alone. Are you ok? Your health is the main thing you have to pay attention to. Your house can be easily cleaned and restored. Do not wait and call for cleaners now! They know for sure what you need. The price is adequate and it depends on what kind of services you want to get additionally except for cleaning. Anyway, it would be cheaper that you are going to spend.