Fire Damage Repair Experts Shout for Safety and SecurityFire Damage Repair Experts: Shout for Safety and Security

The reason for big fire is people’s carelessness and technical problems. Remember: it is much easier to prevent fire than remove it. The fire speed is rapid. Nevertheless, it can be easily prevented. There is a list of the most dangerous objects in your house, approved by the fire damage repair experts. So, it is time to name the most dangerous places that can be the source of fire.

Preventing Fire

The ignition sources to start fire are:

Damaged technic and wiring

Our houses are full of different technic that can be the reason of fire in case of their technical defects and wrong usage. If you feel suspicious smell or sounds, it is time to call for specialist. Obviously, it is recommended to call for professionals to repair your technic. Fires that are caused by defected wiring can be also prevented. You should always keep elementary safety measures. Do you know at least few of them? It is easy and you know them all. Switch off all electric apparatus, including washing machines, drying apparatus, toaster and others, when you go out. It must be your strong rule to check your apparatus before leaving house. It usually takes no more than 5 minutes.

Open fire and candles

This is a fact – the big part of fires is caused by candles. Do not put your candles close to the window curtains or TV. You should use ceramic or glassy candlesticks. Do not use wooden surfaces. You have to blow out all candles on leaving. Kids are always interested in fire. You must teach them. Do not make them afraid of fire and do not leave them along in the room, full of candles or fire place.


Smoking is really big problem. This is the cause of fatal fire. Smoking in bad is very dangerous. It is also dangerous smoking in the house. You may fall asleep and become the reason of fire.


If fire starts in the kitchen, the reason of it can be your stove. Did you switch of your stove yesterday? The most popular reason of fire in the kitchen is hot fry pen that you have left in the evening. Fat and oil are the best friends of hot temperatures. There is a good variant – automatic stove control system. This is really good variant to prevent fire. Check your kitchen ventilation. It also plays an important role.

Combustible and flammable materials

Gas, denaturant, liquid fire starter are flammable must be kept in proper order out of the reach of children. Try to make fire just with the help of the lighter fluids. Do not use denaturant or gas for your BBQ. Try to teach your kids to not use spray close to fire. The aerosol gas is flammable. Take care of all specific equipment is it can cause fire. Do not use defected connections, pipes and shutters. Check them first!

After-Fire Cleaning

Of course, after-fire cleaning is complex and laborious cleaning measure than needs much time and efforts. If you are going to clean damaged surfaces on your own, it probably needs weeks and months according to burnt area. So, it is much profitable to call for fire damage repair experts. Their experience, professional chemicals and technic help to remove smoke, strong pollutions, burnt materials effectively.

4 reasons to call for fire damage repair experts:

  • Modern technologies allow restoring wooden and soft furniture if the surfaces were not burnt at all (removing smoke, deep cleaning of inside fillers);
  • 100% help to remove smoke by means of ozonization and applying all surfaces in your house with odor neutralizer;
  • After-fire works are destructive for your health to any extent. So, all cleaning measures must be accomplished with the help of protecting masks;
  • Cleaning measures must be finished in the shortest terms. It helps to come back to work or usual life as soon as possible. You can start reparation measures.

Fire Damage Repair ExpertsAfter-Fire Cleaning: Price and Works Combination

Smuth coal, smoke and fire foam must be removed in the shortest terms. This is the only one chance to restore all interior items that were saved. As a rule, the cleaning procedures include such standard services as:

  • Garbage removal to clean territory
  • Removing black smoke and coal out of all suffered surfaces
  • Applying with odor neutralizer
  • Air ozonization
  • Taking down all burnt constructions
  • Cleaning and packing of all saved objects, including technic, clothes and glass-ware

What is more, you are offered with the range of additional services, including removing burnt walls, wall covering, renewing furniture, dry cleaning of your sofas and arm chairs. These services help to save your budget for reparation.

The price for complex of cleaning services is individual for each client. It is impossible to make price until you learn the work complexity and needed removal measures. Of course, you need technologist’s visit. It is free and noncommittal.

Thus, after-fire cleaning is possible just with the help of fire damage repair experts. This is the only one right solution. It is really difficult to restore past order in the suffered house. You are upset. It is difficult and to understand what is what and where to start. All you need is competent help. Professional specialists can change the situation for best. Call anytime!

Understand How Safe Your House is:

 Do not keep flammable materials close to the open fire or stove.

Switch of all electric machines when you do not use them. You have timer!

Check and renew all defected or damaged elements, cables and lamps.

Blow up candles, leaving house.

Having troubles with wiring, call for specialist.

Think of air circulation in the kitchen, at the fire place. The system of ventilation must be clean.

Allocate fire safety system and signals.

So, planning romantic dinner this evening, do not forget to place candles far from the flammable materials. You also should not forget to blow them up in the end. Oh, do not forget about the fire place. This can be not only chimney for Santa, but real source of fire.