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Just imagine that you are sitting and reading in a cozy armchair. What a trouble! You feel bad smell – probably, your apple pie is burning in the oven. This is a small fire in your flat. What is a problem? The problem is that you left without your tasty dessert and black smoke everywhere around in your flat. The smoke penetrates in every corner of your apartments. Even a small fire leaves big damages. The first and main of them is black smoke. It is time to clear the situation and liquidate after-fire troubles, including black harmful smoke out of your home. So, elite fire damage restoration services answer:

Is Airing Useful and Helpful Method for After-fire Cleaning?

Many people think it is enough to air the smoked house to remove smoke forever and ever. Partially, it is true, but airing cannot solve all problems. By the way, this is a good start – try to air the room. You need to remove smoke that is the source of bad unpleasant smack. So, open the windows to let the fresh air come in. If you have air conditioner in your room, you have to shut the windows and switch it on for hours.

There is one rather folk method to remove smoke out of your room. Of course, this method is useful if the smoke is light. All you need is water. You have to fill your room or flat with many big and small basins with water. The water helps to remove bad smell. If you want, you may add some oils: mint, melissa, lemon. You should change water every 30 minutes. It would be great to dust all surfaces in your house with wet dust. There is one more folk method to remove heavy smoke: put the big pot with water and vinegar boiling. Open the windows and go walking for a couple of hours. This is time for vinegar steam to remove smell.

Is It Possible to Clean House with the Help of Deep Cleaning?

If you could not clear your home from smoke by airing, you can try something more radical.

Of course, you have to clean everything that smells bad. It is better to use special reagent, made of water, vinegar and ammonium. Use this liquid to dust all surfaces in your area: floor, doors, window frames, furniture. Of course, it is not enough. It is necessary to use steam cleaner of generator to fix the result. Do not forget about the floor, walls and ceiling.

Important: never forget to throw away all dusts, sponges that you used for cleaning. It is all because black smoke penetrates into all soft textures: sponges, soft furniture, dust, clothes, pillows, textile. Some of them you can save by airing and washing. In short, there is always an opportunity to call for dry cleaning service.

It is sad, but cleaning is not the way out of the situation. You cannot remove smoke after big fire just by cleaning. People think that using aromatic chemicals helps: tangerines, coffee, aromatic oils, deodorizing reagents. Sometimes it works, sometimes – not. Anyway, this is not a business of one day. Aromatization is additional method to make your room smell good.

Is It Right Time to Start Reparation?

Reparation is important cleaning measure to liquidate fire damage. It can save your house when cleaning and aromatization methods do not work. Remember: burnt materials are smoked and bad-smelling. You have to remove them out forever.

Big fire makes you to repair furniture, buy many new things for interior, change the floor covering and windows. It is true, but you have to spend money for reparation. Otherwise, you will never remove smoke out of your interior. It is not comfortable to live in smoke, is not it? If you need professional opinion about what you can save and what cannot, call for elite fire damage restoration. The experienced cleaners will teach you to clean after fire.

Elite Fire Damage Restoration Services WANTEDAre There Special Cleaning Rules to Keep?

It is important to remember that after fire cleaning is not a usual cleaning that you do once a month. You have to keep the list of rules and nuances to restore suffered surfaces. It is better to keep these rules from the beginning of cleaning process to avoid mistakes and wasting money.

Remember: fire is not only dangerous destroying force, but harmful and poisoning combustion gas. So, never forget about self-protection. You have to wear mask and protective clothes to protect yourself.

Remember: you have to make a plan. It is better to use the list of cleaning actions to provide effective restoration measures step by step. If you are not going to call for professional assistance – make a plan.

Remember: you cannot stand without using chemicals. Otherwise, all measures will be useless. There is no general rule or recommended chemical to use. It is better to buy chemicals and washing materials for each specific case. Different cases need different chemicals. For example, there are foam chemicals and liquids. Use them carefully according to the suffered surfaces: tiles, wood, textile surfaces. Some of them are afraid of water and wetness.

Remember: it is really difficult to clean territory on your own. You have to spend much time and efforts. It is great, but elite fire damage restoration companies can help you. They are specialized in after-fire cleaning. The price usually depends on the size of territory and cleaning specific.

Remember: after-fire cleaning is not just washing the floor and dusting. This is the complex of processes to make your home fresh and shiny. There are many cases, when using professional equipment is recommended. What is more, you have to spend many efforts for cleaning and restoring damaged areas. Of course, the price can be high, or surprisingly low.

Never try to clean the fired room on your own. This is not your job and specialization! Call for cleaners. Elite fire damage restoration services knows about fire troubles from the first hands and their own experience. Want guarantee? Start working then.