carpet cleaning solutionsCarpet cleaning solutions

There is no need to convince anyone that hygiene and cleanliness is very important in every aspect of our life. It seems strange for us, people of the twenty first century, how could habitants of Middle Ages’ towns live in dirt? We know that the absence of hygiene was the main reason why different diseases (such as Black Death) and infections appeared and took away lives of thousands. And of course, we believe that our houses and possessions are free from different kinds of bad bacteria because we keep them tidy and clean.

Unfortunately, even in modern age our houses may conceive danger and you will never guess where it is. Yes, you can see dust on your furniture and stains on your floor and you can easily remove it, but you cannot see the smallest parts of dirt and parts of food, skin and hair that lie on the underneath levels of your carpets, mattresses and other coverings. And from all of them carpets are the most dangerous because they lie on the floor. Door rugs are things of the highest risk if you don’t take out your shoes, coming into the house from the outside. Of course, you should know that we bring a lot of dirt from the streets on our soles, all that can be found there and that we don’t even notice: dust, pieces of vomit and faucal bacteria, gas and oil remaining and many other things.

The statistics says that there are over two hundred thousand germs on every inch of our rugs. Most of them may cause different diseases, even pneumonia and we usually don’t even know about such danger. This is why it is a matter of highly importance to take care about all floor coverings in the house to avoid health problems of family members. Besides, clean carpets are better view for your eyes and serve you longer than poorly maintained things.

What carpet cleaning solutions are available?

There are many options to clean your rug and get rid of germs inside of it. Some people try to take control into their own hands and go to the store. In the department of household chemistry there are many cleaning products that can be helpful in this fight.

  • Cleaning products

Chemical products are one the most available carpet cleaning solutions that may be performed by yourself. All you need is a good spray, foam or powder, sponge, gloves and vacuum cleaner. All process step-by-step is described on the bottle of the product and is easy to follow. But beside of all its benefits this option has also its negative sides. First of all, it is almost impossible to get rid of all bad germs by means of non-professional cleaning products and without the special equipment. Also, it is very hard to dry the big carpet in the house or apartment. So, for people who take the problem seriously there is another way of solving it.

There are many companies that offer only the best carpet and other covering cleaning solutions to their customers. Why is this option better than the first one? Well, there are many positive things about it. You don’t have to work hard, standing on your knees and trying to remove stains and dust out of the rug; it is always better to let someone else work hard instead of you. Another benefit (and probably the most important) is that professional services have all equipment that can effectively clean your possessions. They also know about different technologies that remove dirt and germs to the last piece. You will never manage to perform such works by yourself. Someone may say that professional help is much more expensive that cleaning products from the market. Perhaps, but it is really worth it because nothing is more valuable that good health of your family.

cleaning solutionSo, what carpet cleaning solutions do professional companies offer to their consumers? There are few of them that are truly effective. Let’s look closer at each of them.

  • Steam cleaning. This method includes hot water extraction. Specialists spray hot water on the carpet with the special equipment with addition of some chemicals. At the same time water is being vacuumed up with parts of dust, hair and other dirt. This method is highly recommended by manufacturers as the most effective, but it is not useful for handmade products and products made from wool because it may destroy the structure and the material. It is also not very comfortable because there are usually special trucks with hoses applied that can be problematic for upper flours if you cannot bring your floor covering down.
  • Dry cleaning. This method demands a special tool, machine actually. Its benefit is short drying period. Using no moisture for this process, technicians avoid fungi appearance inside of the carpet. Besides, you will get your rug back in nearly twenty four hours. Dry cleaning is more expensive than steam cleaning, but it is not that stressful for the product.
  • Encapsulation. During this process special surfactant molecules are attached into soil particles and suspend them. After that dirt can be easily removed. Rotary machine is the tool that is needed to perform this cleaning; you cannot do it without professional help. Among other carpet cleaning and drying solutions this one helps keep it clean for longer time because it reaches to the depths of the product.
  • Shampoo cleaning. This method is less popular, but still available. It is cheaper than others, but it doesn’t remove dirt as successfully as others, although it is performed by special machine. It takes much more time to dry the carpet, so not all customers prefer this type of cleaning.

As you see, there are many carpet cleaning solutions and you can choose any of them. There are also many tips on the Internet that claim to be cheap and effective, homemade from soda. But if you really care about your health and cleanliness of your house, you should better contact one of the professional teams that perform such works by means of special tools and chemicals. You will see how after the cleaning the air and atmosphere in your house will be changed and you will definitely feel better. You can find cleaning companies without any problems in your area, just start to look for them.