Carpet Cleaning Deals: Cost For Professional Carpet Cleaning

Sometimes, your carpet can be dirty so much that your vacuum cleaner cannot handle. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a powerful machine that sucks deep into the pile of your carpet, dirt, grime and dust will build up over time. And if you have kids and pets, the accidents with your carpet are going to happen again and again.

Carpet Cleaning Deals #1Sometimes, all carpets look a little tired and old and are in desperate need of replacement. However, before you rush out and end up spending a lot of money on something brand new, money can be saved by calling in some professional cleaners to do it in professional way. The results can be amazing, giving new life to your carpets. Why don’t you use professional cleaning? Don’t be afraid of prices. Carpet cleaning deals and coupons will help you to make a profitable deal.

Eradicate the Grime with a Deep Clean

To get the best results from a deep clean, you’ll need to vacuum and shampoo your carpets. Cleaning occurs in several steps. Traditionally, carpets are vacuumed to remove any large and easily removed items. Then, industrial machines spray shampoo and hot water into the pile.

The cleaning head then works its way into the carpet, agitating the fibres to loosen the dirt, before sucking up both the grime and liquid. After the initial sweep, it’s a good idea to clean the carpets again; this time without using any shampoo. This third step acts as a rinsing stage, drawing the remaining dust and dirt from the fibres. The procedure can be changed according to how much dirty your carpet is, so the price.

Save Money by Hiring Cleaning Machines

Professional carpet cleaning isn’t very expensive. Working with a small budget, it’s easy enough to do yourself. The process doesn’t require any particular skill, nor is it difficult; it’s just time consuming, especially if you’ve got a large cleaning area. Besides, you can hire out cleaning machines for between $35 and $50 per 24 hours. With carpet shampoo only costing about $15, you could clean the entire house for only $35…just be prepared to put in the hours!

Average Carpet Cleaning Costs

It doesn’t take much money to have your carpet professionally cleaned. So, you may clean a couple of rooms, when it comes to the entire house, it’s a lot of work. In this instance, it’s worthwhile getting some quotes to have the work done for you. Certainly, by the time you’ve hired a machine, bought shampoo and spent a lot of your personal time cleaning, it almost makes sense to pay a little more to hire someone whilst you put your feet up.

Luckily, the price of carpet cleaning doesn’t vary much across regions, so you can expect to pay about the same in London as you would in rural Scotland. The same about American cities: prices around the state are partially similar. Typically, companies provide quotes based on room type and size. For example, contractors on Quotatis might break down a quote into various areas such as a staircase, large bedroom, large front room, small bedroom etc. Average costs are as follows;

Small Bedroom – from $20

Large Bedroom – from $27

Stairs and Landing – from $30

Large Front Room – from $35

Other Cost Considerations

When you’re booking professional cleaners, there are a few important points to remember if you want to avoid unexpected costs.

Minimum Charges

For most companies, it’s not very much profitable to clean a single room. As such, there’s often a minimum charge applied which averages out at around $50. It’s much better and cheaper overall to get your whole house cleaned in one go than to hire cleaners for one or two rooms at a time.

Stubborn Stains

You may find that stubborn stains require a lot more work to remove and, therefore, cost a little more. When you’re gathering quotes, be sure to mention particular stains (red wine or paint, for example) that might be hard to get out. So, professionals will be better prepared.

Carpet Cleaning DealsFurniture Removal

Carpet cleaning firms will not be expecting to remove furniture from a room. If they turn up and are unable to start because a room needs clearing, they’re likely to charge more. In some cases, they won’t move the furniture at all and will either clean around it or will ask you to move it. Before booking anyone, be sure to ask about this requirement or appoint it in the applications form.

Overall, the cost of carpet cleaning is minimal, and for a standard three-bedroom house you can expect to pay around $200 if you have two reception rooms, three bedrooms and the hallway, landing and stairs cleaned. This will be a little more in a four-bed house, depending on the size and number of additional rooms.

Special Deals


As it was mentioned, clean carpets are a key component to making your home feel fresh and clean. As a rule, professional carpet cleaners love to satisfy their customers with beautiful clean carpets the organic and environmentally friendly way. They mostly offer a perfect, organic, natural method to remove dirt and stains from carpets. They are happy to invite newcomers to get great discounts.


During the course of 90–120 minutes, carpet techs deploy a four-step eco-friendly cleaning process, beginning by noting trouble spots and moving light furniture. Next, a power rake and vacuum dislodge grubby particles and dust bunnies hiding deep within the pile. After pretreating stains, the grime-tackling team bathes carpets with a natural enzymatic solution that organically digests dirt and oils. The solution dries within two hours to help mitigate mold and mildew, leaving behind no soap residue or water puddles. If necessary, solutions are available specializing in pet odor removal; this is an additional cost that can be assessed over the phone.

You may discuss all available carpet cleaning deals by making order. Just go to the website, check the list of deals and special offers and choose the most attractive one. There is a principle – the more the better…the cheaper.