Water Extraction Services

 water damage restorationThe powerful element of life and death

Water is the most important element on the Earth (70% of our Planet consists of it). It makes up more than two third of our body’s weight. No one can survive without water for a long time. It is also one of the biggest problems of modern world because there is a lack of fresh water and all scientists are concerned about this fact. Without it main processes of human’s existence would be impossible. Yes, water tops the list of the most important things to keep us alive,…. but not to flood our houses.

Being so important and useful, water is also the most powerful element that causes deaths of thousands of people, ruins destinies and destroys buildings. Only one Tsunami in 2004 in Thailand during few hours took away lives of 300 000 people of different nations. Thousands of houses were ruined and property loses were really huge. The same water that gives life has taken it away.

But let’s talk about disasters of less devastating level. Many things can cause the real flood in your house. For example, you may forget to close taps and leave for a long time. There also may be a licking pipe or broken sprinkler and here is a problem that may spoil a lot of your time, nerves and property.

Damage from water in the house

The problem of leaking water makes much bigger issues appear. In most cases, when it is all around your house you cannot just wipe it away. Usually, the very serious fixing must be performed right away and you will not be able to manage alone. First of all walls and wallpapers soak damp and sometimes people cannot see it for a long time until all kinds of spots and fungi appear on them. It is not just bad for the interior, but also can go deeper into the breaks or wood and with time to cause dangerous diseases of lungs, allergy and other respiratory illnesses; especially it is extremely unsafe for little kids to live in such place.

Another problem is spoilt furniture. People usually try to buy expensive tables, coaches, beds, carpets and other things and all this rich furnishing is good for nothing, staying in water for a long time. The same thing happens to electric devices: microwaves, fridges, toasters, TV sets, laptops and everything that you have at your kitchen and bedroom. Besides, if these units are plugged in it can become the reason for fire to appear. And this is really dangerous for life.

Of course, if you have any expensive paintings or antiques, then you will probably have to find some special service that will restore them in the best way. Actually, many services of water extraction have experienced restorers that may help you.

Things that prevent flood in the house

It is not that hard to prevent such huge damages in your place. If you are going to build the house from scratch use only the best materials for your plumbing. Usually, they cost more, but this is worth it.

If you have bought the house that is already built and you are not sure in pipe’s state, all you need to do is to find a good plumber that will check all your system and fix it properly where it is necessary. Don’t save on fixing material; choose only reliable brands that guarantee complete protection from leakage. Check the pipes every 6-12 month just to be sure that any “surprises” will not pop up in your absence.

When the water is all around

Many people’s first reaction is to take a large number of rugs and try to soak it by means of them. And this is the very first and serious mistake. You will never manage to remove water this way. All you will do – lose precious time. It is very important to react immediately. Standing water affects your belongings more and more with every minute. So, call the water extraction services right away. Only professionals may remove indoor humidity, mold and mildew, save your property and your house and make it suitable for living.

What happens after you call such companies (or what must happen in the reliable and respectful company)? First of all, the professional restorer arrives to your place and assesses how huge are damages and what must be done. It is not just the first sight checking. Professionals always have special tools that show the exact state of things. These tools are able to show if water have already gone within the walls or under the floor. This is very important to detect because with time the invisible moisture will ruin the materials around. If the manager comes to your house make sure that he takes pictures of the damage for the insurance company. It will help you get the assessment faster.

Drying process step by step

After the manager finishes his work, trained technicians come with their equipment and start to do their job. First of all they try to save everything that can be saved – furniture, carpets, padding and all kinds of devices. Professional services of water extraction usually provide cleaning and drying works for their clients – they take wet things away and give them back dry and in the best state possible. This is very useful and comfortable for people that have bigger problems to solve at the moment.

With special pumps technicians start to remove water and dry the space with commercial-grade air movers and dehumidifiers. The professional equipment is able to reach even the invisible places.  

The respectful companies never finish their work in one day. They will turn back after few days and check everything again. If some more work is needed technicians perform it again until the result is perfect and every piece of your house is dry and free from moisture. But, mark that it is better to have their phone number somewhere at hand all the time because you never know when you may need it.

If such unpleasant situation as water flood has happened in your house, don’t panic. Get your phone and call Nevada Water and Fire immediately. In modern world with modern equipment and technologies your house will be dry and comfortable within a day. Just make sure, that there is a phone number of proper company in your contacts. Take care of yourself and your family and let professionals to take care of your house.