Water Extraction Activity: Hot VS Cold Extraction Methods

As you already know water extraction stage is very important as it helps to remove water from your house or office. Water extraction team helps to short the time of drying out to prevent mold and secondary water. They usually use the powerful water extractors and pump machines to remove hundreds or thousands gallons of water from your territory.

Water Extraction ActivityWater Extraction Technics

If your business or house was flooded with water, it is very important to remove water as fast as possible. Watered materials that were under the water influence for a long time can be molded with harmful bacteria and stocking fungus to be dangerous for your health and the welfare of your house.

Water Extraction Equipment

  • Damp sensors, hygrometers and other useful machines are predicted to take the moisture content.
  • Infrared cameras are used to find water through the walls, under the floor and ceiling.
  • Deep-water pumps and gas pumps are used to remove water continually.
  • The portative and outside water extractors provide effective and fast water elimination.

Water Extraction Methods

There are several methods to remove water and cut losses. If you were flooded because of the broken pipes, you have to turn the water off at the main. It helps to stop flood and take all necessary measures to remove water. Of course, there are few things that you are able to do on your own before the specialists will come. You can turn the water off and take the furniture out to dry it. So, you are offered to choose one of two effective water extraction methods. These two water extraction methods are mostly recommended and effective for water extraction.


Vacuums such as wet-dry vacuums are often used to eliminate excess water from such areas as floors, carpets and surfaces that are porous. These vacuums work by putting down a cleaning solution and vacuuming up the moisture. The water is held in a tank. The industrial wet-dry vacuums can hold more water in their tanks and are used when the water damage is significant.


Pumps such as sump pumps can help remove water from a building. They work by pumping up the water then eliminating the water through a drain or through an opening to the outside of your building. The pumps that are used for water extraction can vary in sizing to make it easier to quickly suck up and eliminate the excess water. If the water level is high, a submersible pump may be used to pump out the water continuously.

Hot or Cold Extraction: What is Effective?

There are many different types of water extractors, including portative machines and tracks. These machines can be used with hot or cold water. The most of people think that using hot water is more effective to remove strong pollutions. The others, instead, think that there is nothing better than cold water. How do you know which variant is better? The hot debates say that cold water extraction must be safe, especially if it is used for natural carpets. Nevertheless it is not very effective to remove soils out of the carpet surface.

From the other hand, hot water reduces the water surface pressing, helping to clean the area in the most effective and professional way. Factually, hot water makes the small chemicals to move faster to clean the carpet effectively. What is more, if you want to water the carpet from the cleaning chemicals in the best way, you should use hot water. As you know, hot water is effective to remove all chemical remains that can be on your carpet or floor after cleaning.

Cold water extractors take not much energy that makes it often used to save energy. If you try to mix hot water and chemicals, it can be dangerous for your health because of the deadly gas. Cold water minimizes the danger from chemicals. So, everything depends on what you really need. Consider the facts!

Water Extraction TechnicHot water is good because it:

  • increases the chemicals’ molecular activity.
  • helps chemicals to interfere deep into the carpet surface to remove pollutions.
  • increases to clean the carpet effectively.

Of course, the professional cleaning chemical is used with hot or cold water. Also, the cleaning result depends on the type of technic that is used and the cleaner’s professional level. He must be experienced in cleaning and water extraction. Thus, you may have the best powerful cleaning machine but weak specialist cannot use it in the right way.

Speaking about the water extraction, hot and cold water must be differently used at the different cleaning stages. Thus, cold extraction is safe, especially for natural fibers. Hot extraction is more effective to remove pollutions. If you use chemicals, you have to use hot water to make their usage more effective. If you have to clean natural carpet with the strong pollutions, you have to use special cleaning machines to provide maximal effective cleaning for natural fibers carpets. Synthetic carpets can be easily cleaned with both of these methods.

What to Do after the Water Pumping?

As far as one of the mentioned above methods was used to eliminate the water, you can go to the next step – drying. This step is very responsible and meaningful. Of course, you may use special drying machines such as high-speed fans and dryers. These professional machines help to transpire water at a rapid rate and correct the moisture level. It is important to have the right moisture level to prevent deformation and transformation of furniture and floor elements.

If you were watered and need to get special water extraction services, you should call for the professional cleaning team to develop the plan of cleaning methods. Try to find the best and responsible team in your region to take cleaning measures in the fastest way. Professional equipment that is used helps to provide the fastest and effective services in the region. This is your great chance to clean up your area and come back to work and ordinary life easily.