water and fire restorationWater and fire restoration

Fire and water are the two opposite elements, which aren’t only fascinated by its beauty, but also the cause of the fear of many people. Today, each of us can face the destructive effects floods and fires. And the only thing that we can do in this difficult situation is to take a deep breath and continue to live. Well, the best to start with cleaning and restoration of comfortable living conditions. How to do it? We will answer this question.

The action plan

After psychological shocks people don’t think about what to do next. But sometimes it’s necessary not panicking and pull yourself together. Every educated person should know how to behave after a flood or fire. Several consecutive actions saved in mind will help to assess the situation and take the necessary measures.

After the flood…

So you come home and see that your things are floating, wallpaper stripes fall away, and about newly purchased laptop can be forgotten. Even if the perpetrator of the flood is a neighbor, you have to save the situation, because no one wants that his native corner turned into congestion moisture, water and spoiled furniture.

First of all need to try to find the source of the leak and stop it. If you cannot do this, you need to call the Emergency services. Of course it’s desirable to disconnect a building’s electricity. Despite the fact that wiring must be carefully insulated, there’re always exceptions and misses. So it’s recommended to protect yourself and family.

Then begins the most difficult process called water restoration! Do it your own hands well and fast is almost impossible. But luckily, there are specialized companies that can help with cleaning after the flood. Through the use of desiccant technology and trained staff water damage is eliminated quickly and effectively. This minimizes the percentage of even the most severely damaged. Poor cleaning can have a number of consequences, such as:

  • moisture that soaked into the walls, floor, furniture, etc;
  • bad smell in the room (dampness);
  • fungus in some hard to reach areas;
  • spoiled interior decoration;
  • spoiled furniture;
  • and many other troubles.

After the fire …

Fire in residential building is always scary. This disaster often leads to serious emotional shock, but it’s extremely important to know what to do to protect yourself and other people from the possible consequences of fire. So, after the fire is extinguished recommended the following plan of action:

  • immediately after the incident to call tour insurance agent;
  • assess the level of damage and home security;
  • contact the company that provides professional fire damage restoration;
  • protect the fire damaged property from further destruction;
  • sometimes recommended psychological counseling.

Fire begins suddenly and destroys everything around it just a few hours. Therefore, it’s always very stressful for anyone. As soon as the damage assessment will be carried out there’s the question of the fire restoration. This is a very difficult job, and if you don’t know its features, you can harm your health. Smoke and soot on the walls, furniture and utensils emit toxic substances, so seek professional help is very important.                        

What is water damage restoration?

Water and fire restoration services may be needed for you once in a blue moon. But this doesn’t affect their significance. Flood is an unexpected disaster that requires immediate reaction to eliminate its consequences. Removing the water isn’t as easy as some people think at first glance. First of all need to comply with the essential safety measures. And secondly water restoration should be consistent and executed by specially trained specialists.

Removal of dirt and debris after water pumping also requires a special approach. After the flood, dirt isn’t safe for human health and the need to remove it immediately. Drying is performed using specialized equipment. Then begins disinfecting activities and further careful drying. Don’t forget about the fight against mold as a consequence of flooding. Mould is dangerous for your health, as it starts to develop already after two days on a wet surface. Mold can cause severe illness and slowly but surely destroy the home.

Drying of carpets and furniture carried quickly to avoid mold and restore the appearance of interior items. Deodorization and elimination of odors it’s quite a difficult problem and to cope with it alone is almost impossible. In general, water damage restoration service consists of several steps, such as water pumping, removal of debris and dirt, drying and disinfecting your home or office.

Features of the fire damage restoration

Fire restoration consists of a complex of actions, including:

  • removal of fire-fighting foam and water;
  • damage assessment and selection methods of restoration furniture, appliances, floors, doors, household items, interior and other property;
  • dismantling and removal of non-renewable (damaged) things, doors, appliances, etc;
  • packing preserved items such as kitchen utensils, household and office equipment, small interior items;
  • cleaning of surfaces (walls, ceiling, floor) using different methods depending on the nature and extent of damage. Preparation for finishing work;
  • cleaning and washing soft furniture and other surfaces from soot;
  • packaging purified furniture;
  • the set of measures to remove the burning smell.

In theory, fire damage cleaning of apartment, office or cottage can be made with own hands, but how much time, energy, health, and money will be lost in this case? After all, those hours could be spent on more essential things. So why waste this time if a special company will make it much better and faster?


Water and fire restoration are a special types of services. Practice shows that for such cleaning is no exact algorithm of actions and each accident is absolutely unique. Price depends primarily on the size of the affected area and the degree of contamination. But in any case it will be cheaper than buying all the necessary equipment and cleaning products. Make life easier and use all the possibilities of modern services market! Of course, it’s better not to deal with troubles such as fires and floods, but if it happens, don’t panic, because now you know how to quickly and efficiently recover living space to previous form.