Smoke Damage and Soot CleaningSmoke Damage and Soot Cleaning

The consequences of the fire are not only burned household property, but also the soot deposited on the walls and the smell of burning. Even if you replace the burned things, but do not get rid of the soot and smoke damage, it will be impossible to live in an apartment, especially if children are present. Smoke and soot penetrate into the room; the walls and all the objects in the house are impregnated with the smell of smoke. Even if there was a fire in a neighbouring apartment. In this case, it is necessary to take urgent measures. Firstly, inhale smoke is dangerous to health. Secondly, soot and smoke odour easier to remove if to begin this immediately.

What should be done to eliminate the smoke damage?

The most important is that the smell of smoke indicates the presence of hazardous contaminants in the house. Smoke odour will disappear only if they will be completely eliminated.

The soot that covers the walls and furniture can be seen with the naked eye. But there are no visible combustion products, accompanying a carbon black and soot. Such substances are aromatic hydrocarbons, resins and benzopyrene, which is a carcinogen. These dangerous products may be formed under the influence of high temperature for plastics, of which are made many items in the modern home or office. Thus, the smell of smoke and a layer of soot on things are signals of the presence of harmful substances, from which it is necessary to get rid of as soon as possible.

But getting rid of them is not so easy, because in addition to the unpleasant smell, these substances are chemically active and penetrate into all pores and micro-cracks of construction and finishing materials. Benzopyrene and other harmful substances enter the human body, when he breathes the air with the smell of smoke.

As we can see, removing unpleasant odours after a fire can be performed only if harmful chemicals will be completely removed from the premises. That’s why the cleaning rooms from smoke and soot is not only physical but also the chemical problem.

Is it possible to remove the soot and smoke damage with home remedies?

In earlier times, there was neither specialized companies that provide cleaning services for apartments after a fire nor advanced chemical technologies. And people were forced to use home methods for cleaning the premises from the soot and smoke odour. Some of them are used today. If inmates of the house prefer to deal with the consequences of a fire on their own.

It is well known that water vapour is able to eliminate the odour. This happens because the airborne volatile substances react chemically with water molecules. In order to purify the air in a room in this manner, it is necessary to boil the water in several pans, and the water must boil within a few hours.

Vinegar also has the ability to bind chemically active volatile compounds. If you hang in the room towels and sheets soaked in a mixture of vinegar and water, the smell of smoke will decrease. Furniture, chandeliers and ceilings must be wiped with the mixture of vinegar and water, too. Ceilings and items placed on top of the premises are more saturated with smoke because the smoke is lighter than air and rises upwards.

Domestic methods and secrets

The solution which is prepared from baking soda, hydrochloric acid and 10% ammonium hydroxide can help eliminate the smell of burning. Sodium (40 g) should be poured into a glass container. Thereafter, ammonia (40 ml) is added to the container. Finally, hydrochloric acid (40 g) is poured gradually into a container, with mixing. Ammonium chloride is formed in a solution and rises from a vessel as of white vapour. This substance is capable of absorbing odours. The mixture should be left in the room for a day, and then the room should be well ventilated. As for soot, it is removed from the walls by the vacuum cleaner, a besom and a hard brush.

However, experience shows that home remedies are not able to operate as efficiently as modern methods. The last one are used by professionals to clean the premises after the fire. Therefore, the preferred option is to call the professionals. They do this work in a short time and completely clean the apartment. As a result, smell of smoke will no longer appear.

Smoke Damage CleaningProfessional methods of removing soot and smoke odour

Professionals that specialize in carrying out works on cleaning the premises after a fire, have the necessary knowledge and experience. They can determine what and in what sequence should be done to completely eliminate a carbon black, soot and smoke trails from the premises. Our company has considerable experience in this area and help people deal with the effects of fire and smoke penetration into the living rooms.

Therefore, the most correct procedure for the inhabitants of the house after the fire is extinguished: immediately make out of the apartment things which strongly impregnated with the smell of burning and smoke. Then call the professionals, who will begin to eliminate the consequences of the fire and to clean the premises.

Smoke and soot cleaning

Smoke and soot are removed with the use of high concentrated professional cleaning agents. Cleaning substances are sprayed as fine droplets that penetrate into all the cracks and pores and dissolve soot and other combustion products. Under the influence of professional cleaning products on pollutions occur chemical reactions, as a result of which the contaminations convert into soluble compounds. Thereafter, they can be laundered with special solutions.

For professional cleaning of air from the smell of smoke are also used ozone generators. Ozone is a reactive gas whose molecules consist of three oxygen atoms. It interacts with volatile substances and neutralizes them, and thus converts into ordinary oxygen. Therefore, the ozone treatment is environmentally friendly.

Professional cleaning guarantees rapid and complete removal of smoke damage. After that, the smell of burning does not come back again, and the repair can be started.

To get rid of the soot and the smoke damage, do not waste time. Call the professionals to help you cope with this problem. Our company has the experience, qualified personnel, as well as the necessary materials and equipment to do the job.