Shop Laminate Flooring Even TodayShop Laminate Flooring Even Today

Laminate is one of the most popular floor covering. You should shop laminate flooring if your wish to make your floor accurate and beautiful without wasting money. The unique combination of price and high quality makes laminate flooring in high demand.

The floor of this kind has many advantages, including cheap price. This is a modern eco-friendly material that is predicted to be in use for a long time. It does not afraid of wetness, temperatures, direct sunlight. It does not need special care.

TOP Rules to Shop Laminate Flooring

Much depends on your choice: health, family relations, and budget. You have to make a right choice to buy right floor for you house and office. Shopping laminated floor, you should remember that laminate is not meaningful substitution of a good parquet floor. Laminate is really close to parquet by appearance. Nevertheless, it is not as persistent as parquet usually is. The cheapest laminate lives for 203 years. The laminate of good quality lives for 10-15 years. To compare: the good-quality parquet of old houses is in good condition in 100 and 200 years., So, choosing one or another kinds of laminate, do not try to economize on materials. The cheapest floor has sense just if you are going to rent your house. You are obliged to change it in 2-3 years.

Laminate Class is of First Importance

There are 6 classes of laminated floor. The first three positions are recommended to use for living accommodations. The rest of laminate classes are better to use for commercial organizations: offices, hotels, shops. As a matter of fact, this is not an obligatory condition. Try to make your choice that is based not on the quantity of people or temperature but on exploitation factors.

The 21st class is the cheapest class that is used for back rooms only. The 22nd class is not much better. The laminated classes that start from 23rd class are used for rooms in your house. The 31st class is predicted to use for offices, 32nd – for hotels.

Everything about Thickness

The thickness of laminated floor is always full of hopes. You should know that it is enough to buy laminated floor of 8 millimeters to be corresponded to all necessary characteristics. The quality of laminate floor much depends on class and manufacturer company. It can happen than panels of 7 millimeters are better in characteristics than panels of higher thickness. The talks that the thickness of laminated panels has great influence over the sound resistant qualities are without a reasonable base.

Be Friendly with Downstairs Neighbors

What is important is base structure. The base layer, or so-called under floor layer, plays important role not only as the sound resistant component for your neighbors. It is also important as heat shield to make your floor dry and warm. Besides, the base of high thickness makes the process of covering your floor with laminated boards much easier and safe, ironing ups and downs. It helps to save your budget and efforts.

Shop Laminate FlooringCheap and Harmful?

The cheapest base covering is made of foaming polyethylene. This kind of material is water resistant. It cannot be infected with dangerous fungusŠµ. On the other hand, the covering is easy to damage and crush up. What is more, the high quality under floor covering is made of cork (pressed cutting). This kind of material is recommended to use because of thickness and long service terms. It is made of natural components. It means that your floor is eco-friendly. How do you think the base covering costs? The price is not cheap. So, it is not used for cheap laminate.

There is one more variant of cheap covering for your laminated floor. It is made of extruded polystyrene foam. This material is cheap, so, it is popular. There are three big minuses: low leveling capacity, synthetic components and irrationality.

The laminated boards usually consist of 4 main layers. The middle layer is made of hardboard. The board is covered with special paper with printed wooden print on it. It looks like a real wooden board. The paper is covered with acryl acid to make the board strong, flexible, temperature and water resistant. The last, fourth layer is stabilized layer. It is situated on the bottom of the board, made of craft-paper, penetrated with resins.

Thus, laminate is safe. There is only one distinguished component – treating. It is made of chemicals to protect wood from harmful influence of environment. There are special norms and limits to make the floor safe. If you decided to shop laminate flooring on your own, read description carefully. Otherwise, it is better to use professional experience.

Art of Laminated Parquetry

The science invents new and better laminated solutions. Scientists try to make your floor absolutely safe and strong. Why is it needful to think of new materials and new laminated classes? Is laminated floor safe now? There is always a sense to improve goods around use. It is not easy to know everything about furniture to buy or floor to cover. Thus, there is always an opportunity to get a competent consultation.

Is your house safe? Is it clean from dangerous materials? You should solve this problem in complex. It is rather silly to shop laminate flooring of high quality and safe characteristics and walls made of synthetic materials or dangerous chemicals. Pay attention to every small thing in your house. All of them must be certified and approved by appropriate bodies. The last thing – you should buy wall and floor covering just from reliable companies with rich and successful experience.

The process of covering your floor with laminated materials is a real piece of art. Do you think can do it on your own? There is one more thing to consider. As a rule, you can buy laminated covering with guaranty. The guaranty is applied to laminated materials only. If you do something wrong in the process of covering, there is no guarantee to correct your mistake for free. Double check to be sure!