Professional Wet and Dry Carpet CleaningProfessional Wet and Dry Carpet Cleaning

It is impossible to imagine a cozy sweet home without carpets. Carpeting is everywhere, big or small, in the kitchen, bedroom or living room. This is all because we want to step over the soft and warm surface, pleasant to our feet. Many people think that they can buy a rich beautiful carpet and make it live long, cleaning once a weak by means of their vacuum cleaner. It is a pity, they are wrong. All carpets of any condition need a regular dry carpet cleaning, as it is the biggest absorbing surface of dust and dirt in your apartments.

Stay one step ahead

Carpets are the big parts of a home interior that becomes dirt very fast. We make our carpets dirt by our shoes, without mentioning of spilled juice, tea and other colored and sticky substances. With the curse of time, your elite carpet becomes old and unattractive – a nice home for many destructive insects and microorganisms. Oh, if only you could see how much dirt and dust, sand and microbes are hiding in your soft floor carpeting! Call for help immediately.

Cleaning your carpets on your own, you should realize that there is a set of problems that you are not able to manage by means of vacuum cleaner and household chemicals. The vacuum cleaner gathers dust and dirt casually. It is not able to clean your carpet in the best way, making your surfaces fresh and beautiful.

Just professionals provide a competent dry carpet cleaning, having rich experience, special technic and professional cleaning substances. You should not try to remove spots of different types from your carpet on your own as you can damage it. Professional cleaners use nothing, but modern technic and hypo allergic reagents, safe for kids, animals and, what is important, for your carpet.

Result to be expected

Do you want to keep your home fresh and clean? Look around! There are many professional companies, ready to offer their competent assistance in cheap carpet cleaning. According to popular feedbacks, the price for a competent carpet cleaning service cannot be compared with the buying a new flooring surface or special equipment to make it clean. Moreover, professional cleaning keeps your flooring clean, air fresh and safe from microbes and bacteria.

Wet carpet cleaning

As a rule, your everyday regular carpet cleaning with the aid of a vacuum cleaner and brush cannot give a desired effect. Sometimes, you just have no time and efforts to do that. That is why it is better to call for professionals. Their prices conform to the quality.

The professional wet carpet cleaning is available to be done in few stages:

  • Deep cleaning of your carpet surfaces with the special chemicals for dissolving and absorption of all possible pollutions;
  • Deep mechanical carpet cleaning by means of special machine, penetrating into the problematic zones;
  • Carpet washing with the aid of special washing machines;
  • Drying your carpet with the help of special machine; brooming, as you wish.

It is important to admit that your carpet is almost dry; it is wet for 5-10%. After 2-7 hours, the carpet is absolutely ready to use.

Of course, the method of wet cleaning is effective. Nevertheless, it can reduce your carpet durability. Thus, a better part of modern cleaning experts gives a smart advice to use this kind of cleaning no more than once a year. Otherwise, chemical reagents will damage your carpet structure to the full.

Dry Carpet CleaningDry carpet cleaning

Just remember that wet cleaning measures are not suitable to use for some kinds of carpets. For example, all carpets that are made of natural fiber are not recommended to water. This is the case, when dry carpet cleaning is the best alternative method to clean your floor carpeting. Of course, the price is much higher. The base of this method is a special cleaning powder, consisting of microspongeous components, penetrating with the special liquid, removing all spots and damages:

By the way, this method has one big advantage – minimal wetness. It means that your carpet is free from deformation, discoloration, swaging. Dry carpet cleaning is an optimal method for silk and hand-made carpets, wool or antique surfaces. Having the strong damages on your carpet, it is highly recommended to use combined method: a general dry cleaning mixed with the special spotting removals for the local damages.

The professional dry carpet cleaning is available to be done in few stages:

  • Preparation: deep cleaning your carpet with the vacuum cleaner for removing dust and solid damages;
  • Aerosol spraying for 10-15 minutes to separate dirt from your carpet fibers without any efforts;
  • Spreading out a special cleaning powder on the damaged surfaces;
  • Applying the powder with the help of the special equipment for dry cleaning, equipped with two mechanic brushes;
  • Cleaning your carpet from a cleaning powder with the vacuum cleaner;
  • Spots removing;
  • Brooming your carpet long fabric.

Professional carpet cleaning supposes not only usage a special professional cleaning equipment and cleaning materials, but having a strong knowledge about carpet fabric. This information is really important as far as the right carpet cleaning method much depends on it. Following the wrong way, you can damage your flooring, harming everyone’s health at that. Remember that carpet cleaning is a mission of professionals!

Choosing the right cleaning method for your carpet, you should pay attention to well-timed cleaning measures. Moreover, the usual dry cleaning of your carpeting on your own and without professional assistance cannot really remove all possible spots effectively, disposing your carpet of dirt and dust. If you want your flooring to look perfect, it is better to think of its regular dry cleaning several times a year. According to specialists’ recommendations, you have to clean your carpet at least once in a half of a year to keep it in a perfect condition. Remember that smart householder does everything to keep home clean and money saved. Try to be a “wise head” and your carpet will be clean and shiny!