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Before speaking about mold restoration, lets remember the story of the famous science fiction writer Stanislaw Lem, where small lump of mold destroys a whole civilization of robots. The story is funny; but in real life, if there is mold in the house, the hosts are in no laughing mood. Mold spreads quickly, causing damage to the walls, wallpaper, food and harming the health of inhabitants of the house. Why mold appears in the house? And what should be done, if it appears? Answers to these questions you can found in the article.

What is mold and why it is dangerous

In terms of biological science, mold is a colony of single-celled fungi. And from the point of view of the inhabitants of the dwelling, where the mold appears, it is distress, from which you want to get rid as soon as possible.

Mold develops from spores, which are always present in the air in large quantity in an inactive state. But when conditions become favourable for them, the disputes begin to multiply. Favourable conditions for the reproduction of mold spores are moisture and warmth.

Mold looks like stains of black, brown, blue or green colour. It spoils the walls, ceilings, wallpaper, destroys wood and other building materials. Mold often appears in bathrooms, toilets, air conditioner filters. It can also be found in a washing machine or a refrigerator.

Damaging the walls or wallpaper is very unpleasant, but the most important thing is that mold poses a threat to human health, especially black mold. It can act through direct contact with the skin or through the respiratory tract. Some spores are toxic and in favourable conditions multiply at a tremendous speed. They can cause allergic diseases, upper respiratory tract infection, headache and other disorders. Prolonged exposure of toxic spores may harm your internal organs – kidneys, liver, and lungs. Especially dangerous impact of mold on children, the elderly or those with weakened immunity due to any disease.

The causes of mold damage in the house

The most common causes of mold are high humidity and insufficient ventilation. Houses with high dampness, apartments on the ground floor, unreasonable use of humidifiers, breeding a large number of tropical houseplants in a small room – all of these factors can cause the appearance of mold. Location of the mold can prompt the reason of its appearance.

Mold can be found frequently in the corner, which goes to the outer wall of the apartment. Perhaps there is a crack or a gap in the wall. In winter the wall freezes, and on the cold surface condenses moisture from the inside. Rainwater can also flow into the gap.

In the first floor apartment the mold may appear on the floor or on the walls lower parts in the corners. Sometimes it may be found under the tile or linoleum at floor. The reason may be damp basement and lack of proper waterproofing. If there is mold on the wall in the toilet or bathroom, but the apartment at the same time is dry, the most likely cause is that the water pipes or sewerage are leaking, and the wall is constantly getting wet.

More Reasons…

If there is mold in the apartment in different places and on different subjects, the reason is the high humidity and poor ventilation. Sometimes clothes are drying directly into the room, in the kitchen there is no ventilation, and wet fumes from cooking penetrate into the room. Note that the house plants and aquariums increase humidity.

Sometimes the appearance of a small child in the family leads to trouble with mold. Parents do not ventilate the apartment, so as not to chill baby, wet cleaning is carried out daily, diapers are drying in the apartment. However, the mold is much more dangerous for the baby than cool air, so it is necessary to ventilate the room. As for diapers, it is better to dry them on the balcony.

Means against mold

No chemicals or other mold removal means will not help if you do not eliminate the causes of its occurrence: dampness and excessive air humidity. To do this, first of all the ventilation of the apartment and building, sealing interpanel joints and waterproofing of exterior walls must be checked.

It is necessary to ensure constant ventilation of residential premises, especially in the places that struck by the black mold. The wallpaper must be removed from the walls, and then it is necessary to perform a thorough cleaning of the walls with a spatula and a stiff brush. This work must be carried out using a respirator. Things which are deeply damaged with mold and become useless should be discarded.

Affected surface is necessary to process with a substance that kills mold fungus. It is important to remember that any chemical means to remove the mold is poison. Therefore, you must be very careful when using these means.

Secrets of mold restoration

The best proven substance to get rid of mold is a special antiseptic primer. It performs two functions: helps in mold restoration and prevents its appearance in the future.

Home remedies can also help in the fight against mold. They are not so effective, but at the same time are less toxic. One of such means is the usual bleach. It kills mold and its spores. However, bleach is also not completely safe and emits harmful fumes. In addition, many things discolour and spoil under the influence of bleach.

The usual household vinegar is able to destroy many common species of mold. Vinegar applied to the moldy surface by spray, or surface is wiping with a dampened cloth. Hydrogen peroxide is also suitable in mold restoration, because it is antibacterial and antifungal agent. However, hydrogen peroxide also has a bleaching effect, so it should be used with caution on fabrics and painted surfaces.

For mold removal, may also be used 50% ammonia solution in water. Another home substance, which helps to get rid of mold, is baking soda. It strikes fungi and is known as a natural and safe household cleaner. Teaspoon of baking soda must be dissolved in a glass of water and spray the moldy surface.

Mold Restoration ServicesProfessional mold restoration services

Very often fight with mold on their own doesn’t lead to the desired results. This is because for the complete removal and prevention of the occurrence of mold it is necessary to carry out all the works in an apartment and the whole house. It is necessary to remove the mold, wherever it appeared, as well as to find and eliminate the causes of its occurrence. Otherwise this annoying substance will reappear as soon as the humidity will increase, and all your efforts, spent time and money will be wasted. In addition, work on the removal of mold from the walls is dangerous for health! Mold spores can enter the respiratory system and skin. This is a serious problem, and it can lead to health problems.

Therefore, before starting the own struggle with mold, you should think: may be, it’s better to invite experts to eliminate all quickly and completely, and also receive guarantees and recommendations for the future? Such kind of work is carried out by our company, the services of which you can apply.

How to remove mold damage?

That’s why the best answer to the question “How to remove mold from walls?” is likely to be: to invite professionals. They will examine the rooms with the help of special devices to detect concentrations of mold, determine what is causing dampness, and perform all the necessary for the complete destruction of this phenomenon which is dangerous for the people.

If the mold appeared in the house, it is necessary to remove it, as it is dangerous to the building materials, and for the things in the house, and most importantly – to human health. To completely get rid of the mold, it is necessary to remove the causes of its occurrence, and perform deep processing of all affected surfaces. The most correct approach is to entrust this work to qualified specialists which can perform mold restoration services