Waterproof Laminate For Every Room!

Choosing flooring for your house, office, any room, there are always many attributes to weigh in on before making a decision. Of course, you pay attention to style, color, and texture that are often the first that come to mind. But it’s also important not to get so focused on the aesthetic that you forget to consider functionality as well. When that new floor excitement fades away, you probably want to check a flooring option that works for you and your family. For some rooms in the house, waterproof or water-resistant flooring is a must. How about the laminate flooring waterproof? Are you surprised? Before speaking about laminate, let’s learn about some of the advantages of installing waterproof flooring.

laminate flooring waterproof #1The Benefits Of Waterproof Flooring

Easy Cleanup

It is much easier to deal with spills and stains with waterproof or water-resistant flooring? The key to waterproof flooring is an encasement of moisture-resistant materials that repel water and stains, making cleaning easy. Just one easy swipe or scrub and your floor looks good.

Prevention Of Moisture Buildup

For bathrooms and any other rooms that are constantly exposed to moisture, waterproof flooring is the only way to go. This is also a good decision for any other room! Waterproof flooring puts up a tough fight against steamy showers and splashy sinks, stops leaks, prevents the buildup of condensation, and protects you from costly water damage.

Types Of Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof doesn’t mean boring. The range of options available today goes far beyond traditional laminate. You can find whatever you want of different colors and textures. You can find just about any type of waterproof flooring to capture the look and feel you’re going for, without sacrificing the protection you need. Isn’t it the greatest solution?

Expansion Profiles Unnecessary

One unexpected benefit of installing waterproof laminate is that it does not require expansion profiles. These are intermittent gaps that are imposed on a large field of conventional laminate flooring to allow for natural expansion and contraction of the flooring. Waterproof laminate is 100% unaffected by moisture, thus it needs no expansion profiles. Remember that!

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring waterproof foundation stacked with a fiberboard core and covered with resin to protect the floor from wear and resist moisture. Actually, it looks like wood or stone tile. There is a common confusion between laminate and vinyl flooring. You should know that vinyl has a natural resistance to water and moisture. The laminate is typically more susceptible to damage when moisture is present.

Of course, the classic laminate construction is made of wood layers, which are likely to swell when moisture is heavy. If you choose to purchase laminate, your best investment is choosing laminate flooring waterproof foundation. It provides greater resistance to swelling with moisture. Water resistant laminate flooring is not as common as other types of waterproof flooring, but if you do some research you can definitely find a laminate floor to meet all your requirements.

Waterproof Laminate Brands

People wanted waterproof laminate, so flooring companies delivered. There is a variety of brands that are specialized in making wood-look floors. You can choose any of them, but here is the TOP 3 the most popular:

laminate flooring waterproofParcolys Flooring

Looking for a floor that is 100% waterproof, is 100% recyclable, is anti-stain, pay attention to Parcolys. It has 20 year residential warranty and it is able to be cleaned with simple water and soap. This is the best waterproof laminate solution for you. Based out of Belgium, this company offers residents in Europe both residential and commercial wood and stone look laminate options. The only downside this company has is their location. If you’re near Belgium with an empty plane to transport a home’s worth of flooring by next week, you’re welcomed. However, most of us won’t be able to realistically purchase this product any time soon. It takes time to wait.


If you’re ready for the next big thing in flooring, get ready for 100% PVC flooring. This is essentially the same as the plastic laminate flooring, but with a few added advantages. Dumaplast flooring has the under pad that is built into the product. That’s why it is sound proof, is 100% waterproof, and is eco- friendly. This makes installation of the floors easy and ensures for stress-free maintenance in your basement, kitchen, bathroom and other wet areas. Like Parcolys, Dumaplast is unfortunately only currently available in European countries.


Originally a subset of Parcolys, Aquastep is now its own brand that offers a waterproof and extra-strong fully plastic laminate floor. Aquastep is popular to use in kitchens, in bathrooms, and even in your garage. Thankfully, the company guarantees you won’t need to worry about buckling, gaps, or warping with your new floors. This is a good new that Aquastep is available in the US. So, you can potentially have the floors shipped to your home soon.


Fully plastic laminate is a good idea in theory. There was a problem to ship it in practice from European countries. That means that customers in the US will need to wait a while to get excited about using these products in their own homes. Is it worth waiting? The good news is that because fully waterproof laminate is growing in popularity, it is not a stretch to say that we will be able to see an increase in brands offering this product domestically in the next few years. You may contact to special constructive companies on your territory to help you to clear the situation and pick the best available laminate flooring waterproof brand for your country.

Do you have laminate in your home? If you have it, you may have it better, renewed and improved to resist water. The laminated floor of any type and texture suits to any room now with no harm from the spots, stains and flooding. Are you excited about the arrival of waterproof laminate or your one of the few to have it in your home? Comment below and tell us your thoughts.