Fire restoration serviceFire restoration services: cheap and easy

Fire is one of the combined stress tests in everyone’s life. You should believe that after the rain the sun always shine. Your apartment must be well-cleaned from the burned area, black smoke, and burning results. Being in such situation you, probably, know that cleaning your home, office or any other apartment on your own, is rather useless and complicated. In practice, it is impossible to liquidate the fire damage and smell without using special equipment and cleaning facilities. It can be that the damaged smell will appear even after the cleaning and well-grounded repair. Moreover, cleaning the apartment on your own, you will spend a lot of time, efforts and money. It lasts from a couple of weeks till the couple of months. Also, it is necessary to admit that cleaning process is recommended to provide, using the protective breathing equipment. Without these protective measures it is dangerous to stay in such an apartment. To safe your time and money, there are special cleaning companies, so-called fire restoration services, offering their effective innovative methods of cleaning your apartments, liquidating the fire damage.

Fire restoration services’ experience

There are many reliable cleaning companies all over the country. It is not a difficult to define, which is the most suitable for you, on the basis of personal efforts and paying capacity. Using the modern European and American technologies, the most of fire restoration services have their own positive experience. Due to various chemical reagents and the newest equipment the experts can do their job well.

Don’t throw out the damaged furniture and other interior subjects. It can be a big mistake! If the furniture were not burnt, the experts of cleaning companies can help to restore it. To define whether the interior is a subject to restoration or not the professional expert will help. They can also help to estimate damages and make a list of proper manipulations to restore your apartment.

Fire restoration services’ work area

You know that every object needs its own working list. Here is the maximal full list of the working services, available to order:

  • Cleaning up the damaged areas;
  • Taking down the doors and windows units;
  • Taking down the built-in furniture and different niches;
  • Cleaning the apartment from smoke: walls, ceiling, decorative surfaces, ceramic tile, and flagging floor.
  • The rubbish removal;
  • Restoration the bathroom fixtures;
  • Restoration and dry-cleaning the furniture units;
  • Treatment process of furniture and other surfaces with cleaning reagents, removing the damaged odor;
  • Packing the glassware, interior subjects, technics and other small parts;
  • Ozone treatment. This process helps to forget about the damaged smells forever, cleaning the air. It is important to know that ordering the service “fire restoration”, ozone cleaning is mostly free.

After fire restoration measures are fully completed, you come back to your clean apartment, ready to repair. The free air is the central quality mark, the endorsement of the provided measures’ high quality.

The main working principles of fire restoration services

Cleaning the apartment after the fire damage should be provided by the experienced workers only. This is the first and the main rule you should know. Besides, this part of cleaning work is considered, as the most complicated and dangerous. Cleaning your flat, the apartment must be cleaned from the burnt interior objects. After that the fire restoration process begins. The main purpose of this huge process is preparing the walls and ceiling to be further repaired. You know, there are many cases, when the furniture also needs to be repaired. That is why it must be carefully polished with the special solutions.

fire restorationUsually, the fire restoration process includes:

Cleaning the apartment from rubbish, damaged furniture and surfaces, washing the floor and walls;

Providing the dry-cleaning the furniture and other soft surfaces;

In case, if fire has damaged not your apartment, but next door, the experts can fast and effectively remove the smoke and damaged smell with the help of safe chemical reagents, which are absolutely safe for your precious furniture, and lovely interior. Having many-years cleaning experience, the professional experts provide the methods that are fully justified and recommended to use all over the world.

Fire restoration technology: the simple advices

The most of fire restoration services receive the orders for cleaning the apartment after the fire disaster. It can be flats, offices, cottages and even huge stockrooms. There is also a question how it is possible to remove the horrible smell first of all. What is more, this question is really important, as a phenol and phenolic are really damaged, soaking deep into surfaces. This is the reason why the damaged smoke poisons the air till the half of the year. To solve this problem you need:

First of all, it is important to use special equipment and nothing more. The other methods are useless. Working with big surfaces it is necessary to use the high-pressure apparatus. As a rule, they have special headers for mechanical cleaning. You can also use different sponges, brushes, as the secondary additional measures.

To clean the apartment in the best way you definitely need to make a deep cleaning. Cleaning the apartments on your own, you should try to use the well-tried removals. It can be anything, but a special commercial cleaner that was specially created for removing the deep-damaged surfaces. One more thing, try to use the concentrate removals, as you can easily water it down, depending from the damaged area.

Receiving your call, cleaning experts will organize the restoration measures in short terms. The professionals will come to your apartment as soon as possible with the main purpose to define the degree of complexity, cleaning plan and the cost of services. As it was said before, the only one thing that can poison your life is smoke. Having this problem, don’t hesitate and call for the professional help – fire restoration services. The earlier you call, the higher are the restoration results. Your health is not the thing to save on it. Remember this, and trust the professionals only.