main fire repair processSecrets of Fire Repair Process

From the time, when mankind mastered fire and learned how to use it, fire is always nearby to the man. Fire is burning in the furnaces. It helps to melt steel and to prepare food, and it brings the spacecrafts into orbit. But when dealing with fire, you have to be always on the alert. Fire is one of the most dangerous natural disasters. The most important thing is that the fire threatens the lives and health of people. But apart from this, fire can destroy or severely damage the house and property which is located inside the house or apartment. Fire repair process is not easy. It should be carried out with skill to completely eliminate all the consequences.

Immediately after the fire

To quickly and effectively extinguish the fire, fire fighters often have to use drastic measures. Therefore, in many cases, when the fire is extinguished, the hosts see the broken windows, and sometimes broken doors, damaged furniture, soot on the ceiling and walls. In addition, everything is usually flooded with water or foam, which is used for fire fighting.  So what to do? How to start the elimination of the consequences and the repair process after the fire?

The most important thing is do not panic, and immediately get to work. First, you need to open windows and doors as soon as possible to ventilate the area. If this is not done, the substances that create the smell of burning will continue to soak in all of the items in the house. In addition, in most cases, a large fire incapacitates the heating system. Therefore, if this happened in the winter, it is necessary to drain the water from plumbing pipes. So they will not destroyed due to water freezing.

All the furniture after a fire, as a rule, need reperation. But even if some of the pieces of furniture were not damaged, they still need to take away from the apartment, to make space for work on the clean-up and repair.

By performing any action inside the apartment after the fire, you must be careful. Not to be injured by broken glass and other sharp objects or debris. As a precaution it is necessary to wear shoes with thick soles. Also protect hands with sturdy canvas gloves.

Preliminary fire repair process

Redecorating is the final stage of fire repair process. To start it, you must first do some preparation work. First we need to remove from the premises, affected by the fire, wallpaper and fabric furnishings. Typically, they are in such a condition that they cannot be recovered and used. In addition, they create and maintain indoor burning smell and hinder to clean the premises from soot.

Removal of soot is the most laborious part of the preparation of a cosmetic repair. During a fire, soot penetrates deep into the plaster of walls and ceiling. Therefore, the plaster must be completely removed until the basic building materials (concrete or brick). This work is very time-consuming. If it is done by hand with a spatula or scraper, it takes time and requires considerable efforts. If this work is performed by specialists using professional equipment such as a sandblaster, it’s much more preferably.

This stage of fire repair process also requires the adoption of precautionary measures. It is necessary to avoid inhaling the products of combustion. The substances resulting from chemical reactions of combustion products with fire-resistant foam can also be dangerous. These substances can also adversely affect the skin. It is also necessary to prevent them from falling into eyes. Therefore, to clean the apartment after the fire – use protective equipment for the respiratory tract, skin and eyes.

fire repair processMethods to eliminate burning smell

If there is a smell of burning in the room, it is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous. This smell is caused by volatile substances. These are formed during combustion and, getting into the body through breathing, have a harmful effect on it. Therefore, to get rid of smoke, these substances must be completely removed from the premises. Achieving this is not so easy. Small soot particles penetrate into the pores and micro cracks of concrete and other construction materials. Dry cleaning cannot completely eliminate them.

There are professional methods to eliminate the smell of burning. Special chemicals are sprayed in the form of small droplets and settle on the walls. These droplets penetrate into the pores of the building materials and react with soot residues, converting them into soluble substances. Then, these substances can be removed with the use of special solvents.

There comes the turn of redecoration

When the cleaning of the premises is completed, and the smell of burning completely eliminated (which means that all residues and soot particles are removed from the walls and ceiling), you can proceed to a cosmetic repair. Specialists recommend to start with its application to the walls and ceiling the deep penetration primer. This kind of primer is able to fill all the pores of the building material. Therefore, even if after all cleaning operations in the pores of the concrete or brick are small traces of soot, the primer seals them there. Next, the routine redecoration is performing.

In most cases the necessary part of fire repair process is a changing of the wiring. It is necessary to pay special attention to the quality of the wiring. Wiring fault or incorrect connection of electrical appliances are often the cause of the fire. Select cable diameter so as to avoid congestion. It is desirable that this work has been carried out by well-trained professionals.

In order to restore the house, apartment or office after a fire, it is necessary to act correctly and competently. Practice shows that the best thing for homeowners affected by the fire is to use the services of professionals. They have the appropriate experience, equipment, special materials and are able to professionally perform the repair process after the fire. Our company has everything necessary to provide effective assistance to people affected by such disaster.