Fire Damage Smoke and Soot CleanupFire Damage Smoke and Soot Cleanup: Where Is the Secret?

Fire is a big damage that makes you to have the worst emotions. Nevertheless, the life goes on. You have to clean your home seriously. Of course, it is easier to entrust the fire damage smoke and soot cleanup to professional cleaners. They know how to wash your apartments and remove smoke and soot. What is more, they have professional chemicals and equipment that is not easy. If you want to try to clean your damaged house on your own, you can follow the list of tips.

Equipment You Need

Before you start cleaning fire damage smoke and soot cleanup, you have to protect yourself. Your home is full of dangerous reagents now. You have to protect your hands with protective gloves and use special respirator mask to breath. Never forget to use special costume or clothes with long sleeves and long legs. You have to throw it away at the end of cleaning. The instruments you may need are:

  • Vacuum cleaner;
  • Dusters of different materials;
  • Special chemical sponges to clean soot;
  • Hard brushes;
  • Brooms and mops and buckets.

You may also need special chemicals and washing reagents that are very important to finish your cleaning work. Are you ready? It is time to start! Open the doors and windows to air the room and get ready!

Garbage Out!

The most of interior items are burnt and damaged after fire. It is a pity but you have to throw them out. You cannot save your broken and smoked furniture, floor, wall papers. Everything that is damaged must be thrown out. You should examine your carpets, curtains and other things with the view to restore them later. Never mind they look awful and smell bed. Send them to the dry cleaning services. Books…the books must be thrown out as they absorb smoke the most.

The wall papers, plastic decorations, doors and windows that are damaged must be also thrown out. Of course, you can try to air you furniture if it is good but the chance to remove smoke with no professional help is minimal. Wooden things are good smoke absorbers.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is a procedure that must be done well and fast before you will wash your flat with water and washing chemicals. So, you have to cover your floor with the plastic cover and put there everything that must be thrown out immediately:

Clean the walls from the burnt paints and wall papers;

Remove soot out of the surfaces with the help of powerful washing cleaner;

Use the hard brush to clean the walls and floor. Not wash but brush!

Use special chemical sponges to remove smoke and soot. The sponges you can buy at the specialized shop.

So, the dry cleaning is ready. It is time to wash everything out.


It is time to take the dusts and washing shampoos to clean everything out. You can use soda or washing reagents and hot water to start fire damage smoke and soot cleanup. You should wash the smoke from everywhere from the up to down changing water periodically. Do this procedure several times. Never forget to use hard brush from time to time. It is important to remember that washing is procedure that goes after dry cleaning, when the dirt and after-fire garbage is removed beforehand. If you started washing with no cleaning, you can wipe the smoke and soot over the wet surfaces to make the situation no better than it should be.

At the end of washing, you have to process walls with special sealing component to remove deep smoke and soot out of the cement and wooden surfaces. As a rule, washing cannot help you to remove smoke. It is necessary to use special air cleaning equipment.

Air Cleaning

Cleaning companies clean the air with the help of ozonizers. Of course, you can rent it. Ozone is one of the most powerful disinfective methods that are able to clean the room interior after the fire damage. It is very easy to use it: switch it on and leave for some time. If you are limited in budget, you can use a pot with boiling water for few hours to fill your room with ozone. The hot water must be boiled and boiled to get any room, any check. The procedure is very important. So, if you cannot use ozonizer, try to call for professional help.

Fire Damage Smoke and Soot Cleanup Where Is the SecretProfessional Assistance

It is very difficult to clean the damaged territory on your own. There is no guarantee that your home-made cleaning measures could be effective to clean the room and make it safe for living. The special cleaning materials you use are not professional. As a rule you cannot buy them in the shop, but in the specialized organization in a big doze. The washing materials you get cannot give you a good result. The dirty spots on the floor, ceiling and walls will come back soon.

Of course, it is very responsible task to do it on your own. The cleaning service helps you to clean and restore damaged furniture, remove smoke and soot forever and ever. What is more, this is your chance to finish the cleaning procedure in the fastest way to continue restoration.

The biggest plus of the fire damage smoke and soot cleanup is saving your time. You know, professional cleaners spend a little time for deep cleaning. They are experienced specialists that use professional technic and chemicals. You cannot buy this equipment somewhere. What is more, the cleaners can give you competent consultation about damaged furniture. So, the list of services you can ask for are:

  • Removing smoke and soot;
  • Preparing room to further repairs;
  • Restoring or renewing damaged windows and doors;
  • Dry cleaning of carpets, clothes, soft surfaces;
  • Cleaning books, documents, pictures;
  • Facades cleaning;
  • Removing smoke from the walls, ceiling and floor.

As a rule, modern cleaning companies use blasting technology. This is a kind of cleaning equipment that use compresses air for cleaning. The compress air is effective to clean glass, wood, ceramics, cement, metal. It is done with the help of washing cleaners and other high technology equipment. After fire cleaning is long and difficult process. Not as long as you think!