Fire Damage Restoration

fire damage restorationEast or West – Home is Best

For each person there is no better place on Earth than home. Even traveling to the most beautiful places of our planet we still feel homesick and turn back to our houses with joy. There is even the expression: “My home is my fortress”. Usually, people try to make their places comfortable and cozy, putting their heart and soul into it. The same thing happens to our offices, where we spend most of our time doing business. That is why it is so important to protect these places from all kinds of threads and unpleasant situations – robbery, fire, water and other disasters that may affect our life in negative way.

Fire is one of the most dangerous and ruining elements of all. It causes destruction, pain and death and the restoration of fire damages is a long and hard process both for owners and companies that provide such services for the consequences are usually incredibly devastating. 

According to National Fire Protection Association in 2014 in the United States there were 1,298,000 fires reported. This is a really huge number. 3,2755 civilian deaths were caused by these fires; more than 15,700 people were injured and property damage is 9.8 billion dollars. The statistics, taken from National Fire Protection Association website is unbelievable:

  • One home structure fire was reported every 85 seconds.
  • One civilian fire injury was reported every 33 minutes.
  • One civilian fire death occurred every 2 hours and 41 minutes.
  • One outside fire was reported every 52 seconds.
  • One highway vehicle fire was reported every 3 minutes 8 seconds

Knowing such things must make people think about their security. It is very important to protect our houses from this disaster as soon as possible because even if fire doesn’t ruin the place to the basics it still leaves unpleasant consequences all around.

How to Protect Your House

Don’t think that this will never happen to you so there is no need for protection. Our life is too unpredictable to be careless. It is always better to do everything possible to prevent the problem that think about restoration of fire damages after it have already happen. There are few tips that may save your belongings and even life.

First of all, keep everything that may cause fire away from children. Explain your kids how dangerous it is to play with matches and lighters. Make sure that your children know the 911 number and that in dangerous situation they will call the rescue service. And, (what is the most important) never leave kids without observation. Too many burnings were caused by our little sweeties to leave it without attention.

There is another way to prevent the catastrophe. Make sure that there is no combustible debris around your house. Take away all dry bushes, sticks, grass and other things that can easily catch fire. The danger may come not just from the inside, but from the outside as well. The truth is that wildfire is not less dangerous than fire caused by electric devices inside the house. Besides, the mess around the house can be a serious obstacle for fire fighters to get to your place. Remember that every second counts in dangerous situation. So, it must be taken very seriously.

Leaving for some time, make sure that all electric devices, such as laptop, TV set, hairdryer and many others are plugged out. This is very important for security of your place. Something may go wrong with wires or with the voltage and you can find your house burnt out after turning back. If there are reliable neighbors somewhere around, you can leave them the keys and ask them to look after your place. This can be a very helpful step in the case of emergency.

And finally, it is very important to have you wiring in the perfect state, so don’t forget to fix it if something is wrong. Even paying a lot of money for it you will save much more because fire can take everything you have.

If It Still Has Happened

Fire causes huge damages. The same is the effect of smoke. You can get rid of all burnt furniture, wallpaper, carpets and other things, but the smell of smoke will remain for a long time if nothing will be done to overcome it. In this situation it is always better to call professional team that knows everything about fire damage restoration. If you are not experienced in this field you may cause even more problems to your house or office, so let others do everything right.

There are few steps that must be done. Each of them is extremely important for getting rid from frustrating consequences of the element. First of all the premises must be board up. It is very important to prevent effecting of outside elements on the place because it makes restoration process harder and sometimes even impossible (if the premises were open for too long). Next step is to drain the water. After fire fighters have overcome the element, everything in the house is soaked with water. It is necessary to dry it, otherwise pipes may break and the fire damage restoration can last longer. Only after that the clean-up begins. Everything that was affected with fire and smoke must be removed. This is very important step for getting rid from unpleasant smells.

If such disaster has happened to you, remember that the professional team can perform all necessary work and turn your house and office back to normal state after restoration and your normal life with it as well.

Choose carefully. Make sure that the company, you want to hire is reliable and professional in the fire damage restoration service performing. Almost every website has a client’s feedback page. Take your time to look through it to make the decision.

How to Recognize Professional Company

As it was said above, the best way to get information about quality of works of any service is to read up its customers’ feedback. Choose only the one that performs all works on the highest level. Knowing how difficult it is for their customers at the moment, best companies provide respectful and caring treatment of people and their property, having the storage package that can store your belongings until all damages are removed. It is also necessary for your chosen service to cooperate with your insurance company. This is the important thing for the farther process of turning back to normal life.

If you have suffered from fire and your house needs the complete restoration there are many professional services that will do everything possible to fix all damages so you can continue living happily in your fortress.