fire damage clean upFire damage clean up

Prometheus gave people the fire only with good intentions. But this element can not only build, but also become a source of destruction. The tongues of flame burned everything in its way, so if the apartment or a house hit by fire, then turn them back into a cozy living space is very difficult. If you want to get rid of black soot and unpleasant odor, to save the furniture and personal belongings, you must act! How exactly? Read more.


One of the first fires, details of which have come down to our time, took place in Rome during the reign of Emperor Nero in 64 AD. The fire engulfed the entire city and raged for seven days and nights. A lot of people died, many were left homeless and property. The main cause of this terrible disaster was an ordinary arson. The order to burn the city came from the emperor himself, who dreamed enjoy the grand event. Today, the world is ruled humanism but still the consequences of fire haven’t become less sad.

In XX century, there were many devastating fires that transformed the whole cities into smoldering ruins. One of the biggest fires took place in San Francisco in 1906. California refers to the earthquake-prone locations, but the main culprit of the tragedy began to fire. San Francisco was destroyed up to 80 percent, killing about 3,000 people and 300 000 made homeless. The material damage amounted to $400 million (in today’s equivalent it’s about $7 billion).


Fire damage can occur for many reasons, but in general they’re as follows:

  • ignoring basic fire safety rules;
  • problems with electrical wiring;
  • broken or left unattended electrical appliances;
  • gas leak;
  • careless use of stoves and fireplaces;
  • reckless use of fire.

But, whatever the reason the fact remains that the results of a fire must be removed. Fire damage clean up is a complex process. It’s necessary to understand the specifics of this work and be able to deal with a variety of chemical agents. On how well will be purified dirt, soot and smell of burning depends the future indoor climate. But there’s always a solution! It’s only necessary to contact a specialized cleaning company. This is really saves you from many worries and nervous.


Fire damage clean up is one of the most labor-intensive services. Every time there’re individual complexities requiring a special approach. It’s necessary to know that to delay house cleaning after fire isn’t recommended. At the same time, it should be understood that a typical household chemical cannot cope with this level of contamination. At least because people are faced not only with charred objects and walls, but also with the consequences of the fire extinguishing by water or special foam.

Fire damage cleaning service consists of six important stages.

Step 1. Evaluation of damage and drawing up a work plan

Before starting cleaning, specialists carry out a thorough inspection. They evaluate each room to choose the right tools and special agents to recover pieces of furniture, home appliances, floor coverings, interior items and other property damaged in a fire.

Step 2. Removal of the things that cannot be recovered

Strong fire almost completely destroyed the wooden and upholstered furniture, curtains, carpets, etc. So you need to be prepared for the fact that even professional cleaning will not be able to save some things.

Step 3. Dismantling works

To be more precise, the dismantling of the damaged roof, floor, walls and furniture that cannot be recovered. As a rule, cleaning is carried out by team of professionals, so the work is done quickly and efficiently. At this stage, is very important to take into account all the personal wishes and recommendations of home owners.

Step 4: Cleaning of surfaces

Only after the previous stages experts begin a thorough cleaning of walls, ceiling and floor. To clear the traces of soot in the room used a variety of methods. Their choice depends on the type and intensity of the damage.

Step 5. Removal of bad odor

This is a very difficult stage, because the unpleasant odor is absorbed not only in the furniture and carpets. After the fire, the whole house would be impregnated with acrid smoke, containing a large number of chemicals. In order to remove the smell use active agents that’s absolutely safe for human health.

Step 6. The final touches

Everyone understands that the house after the fire needs to be repaired, so all saved property must be prepared for further transportation. After this range of works, the house will be fully ready for repair. Theoretically, you can clear fire damage by own hands, but after such disaster would be better trust to specialized company, which will protect you from unnecessary negative emotions.


Professional fire damage clean up has the following advantages:

  • the use of modern equipment and cleaning agents which have repeatedly proven efficacy in the elimination of soot, burning smell and other unpleasant consequences of the fires;
  • concerted action teams of professionals can significantly reduce the time of all the necessary procedures;
  • additional disinfection of affected surfaces using cleaning agents with antibacterial additives helps to resume a positive indoor climate.

In addition, the fire damage cleaning service is much cheaper than buying all the necessary equipment and agents that are indispensable in removing black plaque and burning smell. This is very important, because the owner of the apartment, home or office will have to spend a considerable sum for the repair and purchase of new furniture and appliances.


Life is unpredictable and unfortunately at not every step a pleasant situation waiting for us. The main thing, correctly to meet the difficulties and to do everything possible for problem solving. Today, the services market is very developed, so to remove the fire damage helps a specialized company. It’s really fast, reliably and efficiently! Now you can quickly make the right rhythm of life even after a crash like a fire.