Effects of Water DamageEffects of Water Damage and Methods to Fight Them

The life is full of surprises. Some of them are not pleasant. Waterflood is one of many other unpleasant surprises that can happen. If you were watered, you need to start liquidating the harmful effects of water damage as fast as possible. What is important is providing correct and urgent liquidation measures. Otherwise, the situation can be worse and worse.

Stop Panic!

A man that was faced the effects of water damage can be shocked. Just few people can think fast to save their carpets, furniture and favorite computer. Your mazement is natural in this situation. Time flies quickly. The situation is not going to become better with the curse of time. It would be great to stop watering. Where to start?

Cleaning specialists affirm that the first thing is calling for the professional help. It can often happen that it is much better to trust to specialists than doing everything on your own, especially, if you do not have enough experience in waterflood liquidation. The effects of water damage are not only wet furniture, walls, ceiling and floor, but the harmful bacteria and mold. Specially-prepared cleaning specialists can stop the force-major in your apartments.

The things you should do in the first turn

If you were seriously watered, you should leave your flat or office without power/electricity to prevent short circuit. It would be better to call for a good specialist, if you cannot do it on your own. It is important to define whether the cabling in your house is safe to be successfully exploited in later life.

The next stage is removing water out of your house surfaces. You can use everything that is near at hand: dusters, brushes, mops to dry the puddles on the floor. Wet carpets and furniture must be taken out to dry in the open air.

It is time to dry the walls, ceiling and floor. Of course, it is better to use special equipment. You can ask for cleaning specialists. They can advise the optimal drying mode and technique, taking into account the materials that your home was made of.

Special air driers can easily dry the watered room. Probably, you can rent it or buy, as you wish. Anyway, drying equipment is what you need to dry the wet surfaces in the shortest terms. The fan heater must work in a low power mode. Try to use heat gun at worst. The watered apartments must be well-aired. To make it well-aired you need two-three weeks.

Effects of Water Damage and Methods to Fight ThemAttention! Effects of water damage!

Drying your apartments naturally for a long time, you may start the irreversible changes – effects of water damage: materials defects and mold.

Drying Windows

Having wooden window in the house, you have to keep them close, to minimize wooden defects and deformations.

Drying Ceiling

If you were watered by your neighbors, living upstairs, you have to repair your ceiling to the full. Of course, there is always a variant to make plastic or stretched ceiling.

Drying Walls

Having wall-papers on the walls, you need to change them. Defected coloring and fillers must be also changed to avoid problems in future. Gypsum walls that are usually used to plane them must be well-examined. It can happen that it is enough to dry the walls without changing. If the insulated constructions were watered, you have to learn the characteristics of the materials you were used. Solid moist-free materials you can keep and use in exploitation actively.

Nevertheless, all watered surfaces must be applied with special reagents to prevent mold and wetness. You can easily by these preparations in special shops. Having some difficulties, try to get a competent consultations about the point of your problem.

Drying Floor

One of the most popular effects of water damage is watered floor. To dry your floor in the best way it may be enough to take off some planks to air and dry all visible under floor surfaces. If your floor is not wooden, but linoleum, you have to take it off to dry. You may use it one more time just in a condition of absolute drying.

To dry floor you may use the same drying equipment as it was mentioned before. The working instruction is the same. Firstly, you should dry the floor. Then, you have to apply it with the special antifungal reagents. Finally, you have to dry the floor one more time and make all necessary changes and reparations.

Speaking about laminated floor, you have to change it. It is impossible to dry it and use one more time. Watered parquet flooring you should take into pieces to prevent defects. Then, try to dry the floor and change covering. To dry parquet floor you should not use powerful strong heating equipment. High temperature can hurt your floor. The temperature must be natural. You may avoid changing the floor if you could contact to specialists in time. Anyway, cleaning services is much cheaper than changing floor in your house.

Drying Bathroom

As a rule, bathroom is not difficult to dry as far as it was decorated with tiles, of course, if it was professionally done. If you noticed that your bathroom smell bad even if it was professionally dried, try to change it.

To dry your bathroom in the competent way, it is better to check ventilation, keeping the doors and windows opened. After the bathroom was dried, you can provide all necessary reparations. May be, you want to change the color of your walls, or make a plastic ceiling, as you wish. It is in your hands.

It would be better not to come across these unpleasant surprises. If you faced them, try to remove the effects of water damage fast and effectively. Remember that speaking about watering, we mean not a glass of water, but real water disaster. This is the situation to think and choose. You may use your own efforts. Sometimes, it is not enough to recover your apartments. You may also use professional help. This is a strong guarantee of good results and safe environment.