How Do You Clean Up Smoke Damage After a Fire?

How Do You Clean Up Smoke Damage After a Fire

If you faced smoke in the flat, you were in fire. The situation is not pleasant. It comes une

xpected and you are unprepared. You can also feel smoke when you are absolutely busy and forgot about the dinner in the stove. Big fire or small fire – no matter! One way or another, the situation irritates you and makes to find the source of the damaged odor as fast as possible. Some people know how to remove smoke in the fastest way. The others are not well-prepared. So, how do you clean up smoke damage after a fire?

Recommendations to All

All cleaning measures have the list of special rules to follow:

  • Air the room with open doors and windows;
  • Use air fans to air the room intensively;
  • Special airing and refreshing equipment to make the air fresh and clean temporary;
  • Air conditioner and close the windows;
  • Start the process of cleaning the room surfaces as fast as possible;
  • Wash and brush all soft and hard surfaces that smell bad (curtains, pillows, covers, clothes, carpets).

Of course, all these measures help to mask smoke for long. If you want to have the best result, you may use radical methods. If the damaged area is big, you have to use professional help in cleaning and liquidating smoke damages.

Effective Methods

There are many different methods to clean up smoke damage after a fire. The most effective of them are:

  • airing – 50% effective;
  • washing – 50% effective to remove smoke;
  • absorbing smoke with water basins everywhere in the house – 30% effective;
  • air cleaners and refreshers – 25% effective;
  • adsorbing equipment – 20% effective.

Actually, everything depends on the situation. If the situation is difficult and the big fire was the source of heavy smoke in your house, all of these methods can be ineffective. It is not enough to wash the walls and air the room. The burnt furniture and walls are the first sources of smoke in your house. You have to renew your house and buy new furniture. Nevertheless, you really have to ask for cleaners help to clean and dry your rooms. This is the most effective way to remove smoke damages with the help of professional equipment.

How Do You Clean Up Smoke Damage after a Fire?

So, if your house was damaged with fire, you may try to clean it step by step carefully. The smoke damaged clothes, soft surface and other interior items that are burnt. Of course, you should start cleaning from the very beginning – cleaning of the burnt dust.

Step-by-Step Guide

First of all, you have to wash and brush your house in the best way. All surfaces in the house must be cleaned with water with washing reagents. Such interior items as curtains, window-blinds must be cleaned at the first hand. Of course, the big part of your interior must be thrown away. It is really difficult to clean pillows, covers and carpets with your own efforts. You have to use dry cleaning services.

The ceiling and floor and wall papers have to be cleaned. It usually happens that burnt wall or floor covering are bad for cleaning. This is the way when you have to renew them. Otherwise, you feel smoke all the time.

Burnt furniture can be restored. Of course, it would be much better to buy new furniture. Nevertheless, professional cleaners can help you to restore your interior if it can be saved. The damaged furniture that cannot be taken into order must be thrown away with the help of cleaners or not. You have to realize that burnt glassware, carpeting, wood and other interior elements are good smoke absorbers. They are the main smoke sources to move it all over the house from one place to another.

You can try to air the room and use deodorized spray to mask smoke. It is also recommended to use absorbing reagents that you can buy in the shop. These materials can help to block and neutralize smoke at the level of particles.

Pay attention that your methods are ineffective if the burnt territory is big. All you have to do is asking for help. You definitely need help with cleaning and airing. Professional equipment can solve the problem of smoke in the shortest time.

Clean Up Smoke Damage After a FireIndividual Approach

How to fight smoke and take it away from your house? Of course, smoke irritates your nose and makes you feel bad. If you decided to control the situation on your won, you have to learn first the most popular methods how to remove smoke from the different kinds of surfaces. How do you clean up smoke damage after a fire?

Walls and Tiles

It is better to clean walls and tiles with special pasta. Use it carefully! You can easily damage the surface or ruin it. To clean the table you have to ungreased it first. If you need to clean the windows, you should use special window cleaners.

Furniture and Covering

These interior items are good absorbers. They absorb smoke and make you house smell bead. You may use air refreshers to mask the smoke. Of course, you have to wash your furniture with the special shampoo.

Leather Surfaces

Leather surfaces must be cleaned with acid water. It is better to use soft dusts and clean water. Try to avoid using hard cleaning methods and materials for leather. If you want to dry your leather sofa, you have to air it carefully.


The soda liquid helps to clean carpets. You may spread it over the carpet and take back with the vacuum cleaner. The carpet shampoo is also popular.

Household Equipment

Your household equipment must be also clean in the best way. Thus, use acid solution all together with water. You can also use fresh lemon juice that you have to leave for a night to clean everything in the morning. Everything that is broken must be thrown away.

These easy methods help to clean your house and remove smoke damage from everywhere. If the damaged territory is big, you are recommended to use professional cleaning help as far as soda and acid are not able to manage the situation.