Mold Remediation Reno, NVBriefs about the Mold Remediation Reno, NV

Mold is a group of micromyces that are situated everywhere, where they can grow and reproduce. If you want to count all existed types of mold, you cannot do that. No one can do that. You can find more and more new types of dangerous mold every year. The mold is dangerous and deadly dangerous. Actually, if you have mold, you have no time to think of danger. You have to remove it forever and ever.

Old houses, uncontrolled planning of surfaces, production storage and departments, cereal store, greenhouses these are potentially dangerous accommodations to make our work effective. It is difficult to take the war without special knowledge and skills.

What is Mold? Why Is It Dangerous?

There is a big variety of fungus spores in the world. The most of them live in the condition of high extreme. The most of places around with high wetness are comfortable for mold growing. You can see them everywhere: in the bathroom, on the kitchen wall, under the wallpapers, behind the kitchen or bath furniture. There is no use, but harm:

Mold increases the risk of diseases: heart diseases, hepatic problems, allergic reactions in form of fever, rhinitis, rash. This is all not because of your bad health but dangerous mold. You can see mold in your room when it is wet and dark, when you used low quality materials and no airing. Actually, there are many reasons to get mold. If your room is wrong aired, the walls become wet to start mold.

Fighting Mold With Your Own Efforts

Of course, if you do not trust to the mold remediation Reno, NV, you can try to remove it on your own. Of course, this theory is good when you have enough experience and knowledge about mold remediation. People use a lot of traditional measures and cleaning materials. The part of these materials is effective. Want to know the most popular of them? You can be surprised:

  • Using infected area with blue-stone;
  • Heat treatment;
  • Ultraviolet irradiation;
  • Using chloramide and other preparations with chlore.

Of course, you have to consider many different facts. First of all, you know nothing about the type of mold that you have in your room. Secondly, you will fight mold but not the reason of it. So, it will come back soon. Thirdly, the most of traditional preparations are dangerous if you use them without special preparations and individual protection.

Briefs about the Mold Remediation Reno, NVProfessional Mold Remediation Reno, NV

If you saw mold in your flat – black, white, blue, green, whatever, call for the mold remediation Reno NV right now! The earlier you call for help, the cheaper price may be. Actually, the process of mold remediation looks like that:

  • The cleaners come to your place to examine infected territory, find out the type of mold and effective methods to remove it;
  • It is time to form the team consisting of preparations, equipment and instruments;
  • The team comes again to remove mold out of your walls, interior items, ceiling and floor. They fight against it not only on the surface but deep inside;
  • It is time to find out and liquidate the reason of mold growth – condensate, bad airing, wet walls and others.

If you call for help in time, there is no need to use hard chemicals. Traditionally, the most of them are safe preparations. You should not leave your house. You can stay and watch! The mold treatment is not dangerous as the preventive measures, as well. Modern technologies and preparations remove mold cells effectively. They are effective for textiles, walls, stones, wood, plastic and other kinds of surfaces. Also you can use these preparations in the house, office, storage rooms and gardens.

You cannot find such an effective but safe preparations in the supermarket. You need professional help. Do not wait and ask for preventive remediation. It is cheaper and limited in time – 100% effect!


If you want to find more information about pricing, you should call and ask. There is no definite price for mold recovery. The price depends on type of infection, infected surfaces, number of services. You can get quote and put two and two together.


Mold is a part of ecosystem. Mold comes to your place, inside your house, on your wall and floor because of many factors. Mostly, they are caused by bad airing, watering, low temperature. As the result of this, your interior and your health are damaged. Never try to remove mold on your own with no effect. Try to use the mold remediation Reno, NV services and keep your room dry and clean, of course.

Questions You Always Ask

Is mold caused only by wet interior?

Mold is everywhere in our planet, in different natural conditions. Of course, mold cells need water. Nevertheless, they do exist in dry accommodation. The temperature scale is wide. Optimal temperature for mold growth is 5-15° С.

Who are in danger area to suffer from mold?

Young and adults, people with compromised immune system and kids are in danger.

Can we see the mold spores?

No, we cannot. The size of the mold spore is micron2-100 microns. The most of them are 20 microns. Your eyes cannot see the objects that are smaller than 20 microns.

Is there is a difference between mold types and sizes?

There is a big difference between different types of mold and the size of their spores. Thus, the small parts interfere into lungs, brain cover, eye cover and skin. The spores that are smaller than 2 microns are mostly dangerous. They are small enough to get into our organs.

What kinds of mold are very dangerous?

Black molds Fungus, Aspergillus, Stachybotrus are very dangerous types of mold because they cause allergic reactions when you contact them. Of course, if you are in danger, there is no guarantee that you are infected with mold. Nevertheless, if the mold is in high concentration indoors, you should be disturbed and call for help!